Александр Малышев Is the synthesis of the eclectic philosophy possible?

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Александр Малышев Is the synthesis of the eclectic philosophy possible? Empty Александр Малышев Is the synthesis of the eclectic philosophy possible?

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Александр Малышев Is the synthesis of the eclectic philosophy possible?

Published in magazine
(Roma. Italy. 2005, №2)

The problem of world view understanding and the role of a man in the society has its history since a man began to think abstractly and was accustomed to life culture. Different teachings appeared. The thinkers were split up into two groups in their discussions – idealists and materialists, putting forward various scientific argumentation. It lasted for more than two and a half century. There were so many arguments that the scientists had to teach eclectic philosophy. But this eclectic philosophy is no way an uncertainty, the essence of which is amorphous. And its essence can’t but cause dialectic protest of the human mind. Therefore the synthesis of eclectic philosophy is essential, the faction of which could have played the methodological role in the perfection of the social organization. Many scientists tried to achieve this cherished faction and to be among honorable stars in science. We’ll try to do this one more time, being armed with the latest achievements of modern science, riding the pair of Pegasus of idealism and materialism in one harness. “But the dead, to Parnas for stars!”

The analysis of the recent scientific achievements sometimes bewilders scientists making them ask a question: if nature is ingenious to the extent that a human mind can not perceive its creations then it means that nature (the Creator) is more intelligent than man? Here are some examples. Scientists are not able to understand and simulate the production of live cells in the way new cells of biological organisms are produced involving RNA of DNA nucleotides. Another example. Scientists are not able to simulate the production of starch in the image and likeness of photosynthesis of plants with participation of the sunlight. Scientists are not able to understand in which manner the well-ordered variety of chemical elements was formed in nature and which were so easily systematized in the periodic table? In this regard, one believes involuntarily that materialists may be too orthodox. This allows, following E. Kant, to make another attempt at reconciling idealism and materialism; i.e. to attempt at making a synthesis of the eclectic philosophy.
Analyzing existing teachings with a critical eye, it is worth mentioning, above everything, that there are constructive kernels in each of them. And it is so indeed. It is not possible to disagree with the notion that, as idealists state, “nothing cannot emerge from nothing”. And indeed, the existing nature-microbes as a “threshold” of the living and the non-living; cellular organisms; vegetative organisms, water and land ones; viviparous water, flying and land organisms; and, at last, live creatures with developed higher psychic functions among which the man on the land and the dolphin in the water take the highest hierarchy;- are interconnected and correlated in a most complex way. The structure of biochemical mechanism, reproduction and self-regulation of organisms is so complicated that it is beyond the scope of a human mind. Furthermore, life on the earth is directly connected with all laws and chemical elements of nature and correlated with atmospheric processes and processes of the earth satellite and the whole solar system. Then, in this connection, there logically comes a question: “If all this emerged from nothing (as orthodox materialists say), then it means that the elementary “nothing” had some kind of experience to be able to simulate all this?”. Maybe, idealistic philosophers were somewhat right maintaining: “ideas” of Plato; “logos” of Heraclites; “intelligence” of Berkley; “universal substance”of Spinoza; ‘monads” of Leibnitz; “insolubility of the outside world” of Hum; “a priori” forms of sensible consciousness and “thing in itself” of Kat; “immanent force”of Morgan; “absolute spirit”of Geigel; negation of the notion of causality, necessity, substance as not given in “experience” of Mach; “embryonic system” and “principal coordination” of Avenarius; “tendency to stability” of Petzold; “theory of characters”of Plekhanov; “empiriomonism” of Bogdanov; “empirical symbolism” of Yushkevich; “agnosticism” of Huxley. The same can be said about followers of the teachings of solipsism, relativity, Lamarckism and, finally, the immanent school and the theory of emergent evolution. Though alongside with it, it is necessary to note that admitting the truth of idealists' considerations, their philosophy brings to the Biblical world view. Though the biblical world outlook is refuted by a number of scientific facts, one of which is archeological excavations testifying in favor of the materialistic evolution. Here is an example. According to the Book of Genesis, the first people were giants and lived as long as up to 800 years. Archeological excavations testify that 2mln. years ago Australopithecus, and later Peking man and pithecanthropus, were tall within the limits of1m 10cm, and the analysis of their bones proves their age to be within the limits of 30 years. There is no doubt that there is an element of scientific nature in the Bible, one of which are 6 commandments out of 10 from the moral code delivered by God to Moses “You shall not kill”, “You shall not steal”, “You shall not give false evidence”, You shall not commit adultery, “You shall honor your parents” and “You shall not covet your neighbor’s property”, which are common to all mankind and developed as an intuitive reflection of creatures with the developed supreme psychic functions. But the theological paradigm, i.e. the theological dialectics, cannot be a scientific script for the creation and development of life.
Therefore, to all appearances, a disadvantage of the idealistic teaching is not in lack of argumentation, but in the absence of paradigm without transcendentalism.
In the materialistic teaching, it is not possible to disagree that the development of life is presented consistently from the simple to the complex. Beginning from the synthesis of a cell during lightning discharge in the conditions of silica (Pasteur’ discovery) with participation of mutation through heredity, variability and natural selection, evolution is arranged in accordance with the dialectics of the logic of development, which contains both an element of unity and an element of variability; and the beginning of social genesis ca be explained by the fact that ‘highly developed species of anthropoid apes” began to get disaccustomed from “the help of hands” and “took a knife in the hand”, and “the hand became free”. Later on, Engel’s thesis mentioned above was revised, and other theories of anthropological social genesis were worked out as a result of tectonic processes, inversion of the earth, increased outer radiation, a special species of monkeys and even extraterrestrials import. Analyzing these hypotheses, it may be asserted that the hypotheses of tectonic processes and increased radiation are refuted, for example, by consequences of the Chernobyl disaster in the present and the inversion by the fact, firstly, why should it exist and, secondly, even if it had existed, it would sooner destroys than develops. As far as a special species of monkeys is concerned, it has some reason though it might be not a monkey, but a more perfect creature than a monkey, a kind of monkey. As to the import of extraterrestrials, there comes a question: where did they come from on other planets? At the same time, there are some links missing in the evolutionary chain of materialism. For example, there is not a component of unity in the origin of primates when separating from water organisms. Or another example: there is not a component of unity for mammals when breasts were forming at them. So, what is noteworthy in the materialistic teaching is that it is presented evolutionally and that man originated from the anthropoid creature, the rest of the teaching can be called in question.
In search of the procedure for solving this problem, it is worth taking note of the teaching of empiricist Ernest Mach according to “the principle of economy of thinking”, whose ”description of the world should include only neutral experience elements”. That is, one should not get deep in teachings, but to take into account only the elements present and generalize them. At the same time it should be noted that there are examples in the history of science when various alternative teachings came while studying the problem, but the following search made clear that both teachings were true. This resulted in a qualitatively new teaching. This, for example, happened to the research of properties of live organisms to destroy spontaneously foreign, sick and old cells (phagocytosis). The Russian physiologist Mechnikhov maintained that the given property is a feature of blood cells. Later on, it was made clear that it is characteristic for all the cells of live organisms. Proceeding from the above said, it is proposed to try to make a synthesis of the eclectic philosophy.
In order to have maximum dialectic character the research should be carried out in the context of considering the question of relation of time and space to matter.
Space In order to work out a qualitatively new notion it is proposed to note the results of moisture freezing in winter. They are seen as patterns of trees and in open water reservoir as grass samples, with the trees seen, firstly, as the best vegetative organisms (as a rule, palm trees with lianas), and, secondly, the trees are in a good proportion to the structure of their live” “counterparts”. The same refers to herbs, firstly, to the best herbs (as a rule, these are ferns - Drioptic), and, secondly, they are in proper relation both to the proportions and structure of their live “counterparts”. Now you are invited to have an abstract tour to the period before the origin of life on the earth. The question: could we have seen similar patterns (of course, under the condition that moisture freezing would be possible)? The answer: yes, of course, since nothing has changed in the physics of the earth! All right! And what if we should fly in a fantastic ship to any of the other planet of the solar system, Saturn, for instance, and provide there conditions for freezing windows and water reservoirs, then we would see similar patterns? The answer: if there is gravitation, then yes! And it is all right, too! And if this experiment should be carried out on other planets of other planetary systems of our Galaxy? The answer: if there is gravitation, the result will be the same! Wonderful! And if this experiment should be carried out on other planets of all the existing galaxies and metagalaxies? The answer: if there is gravitation on a planet, the result will be the same on all the planets! Excellent!!! Now coming back to the native earth and guided by the principle of “economy of thinking” of E. Mach and geometrical procedure in B. Spinoza’ philosophy, let’s put another question: has it anything to do with heredity, variability and natural selection of Ch.Darwin if the structure of vegetative life had been predetermined initially? Has it anything to do with the evolution of DNA and differentiation of species if it was known initially how the vegetation would develop?...This is just the case when we can say:”Eurika!”. That is, there is a standard project of the biological system in the Universe, and this project is implemented into life. From this, we can give an answer to the first question: space and time are interdependent and exist objectively.
Time. Now let’s see why the project is implemented in life and where everything originates from. Looking for the answer for the given problem, let’s ask a question:”What are the main essential conditions for life on the earth?”. We answer: the mass of the planet which has gravitation capable to keep atmosphere; rotation of the earth around its axis and the sun; presence of all the chemical elements; optimum light, heat and radiation supply. Proceeding from this it can be concluded that there are certain conditions without which the life on the earth could not have originated. Now let’s ask another question:”What are main essential conditions for a normal functioning of live organisms, for instance, human ones?”. Here is the answer: body temperature 36,7°C; blood pressure 120/80;optimum frequency of heart beats and breathing; blood structure, stray biocurrent, etc. And here, also, is the same: if one of these essential factors were not present, then the life wouldn’t have originated. This brings to the conclusion that both the systems are guided by one rule existing in physiology:”All or nothing” which means:”If nature worked out some decision, it turned out to be true”. In other words, in both cases one can observe an algorithm, with the difference that in the first case it is cosmic, and in the second case biological technology. Thus, it goes that there is a prospect for standard life to originate on any planet of the Universe, and it will originate if certain standard conditions are present.

The rule is everything or nothing
at which a biosystem appears and works

Standard algorithm of space technology Standard algorithm of biotechnology (homeostasis)
1.Planet mass at which gravity force holds the atmosphere 1.The temperature of the human body is 36,6 C
2.Optimum light, temperature and radioactive provision 2.The arterial pressure 120/80
3.Rotation of the planet around its axis and around the Sun 3.The pulse frequency 78/min., a certain composition of blood

The comparative analysis of the structure of the conditions at which there appears life on the planet and starts functioning shows that there exists a certain general conformity. This law is objective and is not affected by any evolution changes.

Now let’s see what is the first step of life occurrence and how it will develop. The structure of life of biological organisms can be divided into functional and material. What is in the basis of the functional structure? – All the laws of nature, in a greater or lesser degree, but all of them. Is the functioning of life possible if it would possible to exclude any of the laws? Physiologists will say: No! What is in the basis of the material structure of life? – All the chemical elements of nature. Will the normal functioning and development of organisms be possible if we make an attempt to exclude any chemical element? Biologists will say: No! So, the set of laws and chemical elements make up the structure of life. Now let’s ask a question: what is the main difference between species of biological organisms? The answer is: DNA with the information code. The modern science of genetics supporting Darwin’s theory maintains that DNA is subject to evolutional modifications. But then a question arises: if the structure of life was initially predetermined by the project (the frost patterns), then it is useless to mention DNA evolution. Most likely it would be more correctly to say that DNA with the information code is synthesized initially and exists with no changes, passing on from one generation to following generations, and organisms adopt it morphologically and constitutionally accumulating the amount of physiological and biochemical life in compliance with the information code of DNA. Now let’s ask a question: what is the structure of DNA like? The answer: science has not yet formed an unequivocal answer, though it can say for certain that this structure is made of chemical elements which are widely spread in nature. The structure of DNA of species is not multiple and, perhaps, is even standard for all the species. It is the information code of DNA, which is multiple. We have already found out what is the basis of life functioning – set of the action of the laws of nature. The chemical elements and a set of the action of the laws of nature are “elementary, widely spread material”. The synthesis of life occurs at the moment when there are favorable conditions in compliance with the standard algorithm of space technology by means of “elementary, widely spread material”, which was formed in compliance with the standard project existing in the Universe. All the species of organisms are provided with self-organization as well as the global system of nature in interrelation and interconditionality of all the species. Thus, there are plants, herbivores, and predatory animals. And animals’excrements are a fertilizer for plants. If there is gravitation, light and heat, and gravitation doesn’t keep atmosphere, than life can also arise, but it concerns only the organisms, which can live without oxygen. An evidence of this is the existence of anaerobic organisms on the moon.
Where did homo sapience come from, and why did giant organisms disappear? A human DNA was initially synthesized with the human code. But in the process of evolutional development, i.e. acquiring the information code, accumulation of the growth took place. The highest psychic functions of man depending on the growth of frontal zones of the bark of a brain would gradually accumulate from generation to generation, and when they reached its optimum development, man began thinking abstractly and began anthroposocial genesis. Giant organisms died out because they had originated on the earth in compliance with justice of the universe in the project of which they were included as well as other species. But on the earth with gravitation of 9,8 kg/cm, having reached a certain growth and having not reached their mature age, they turned out to be heavy for themselves on the early stage and, as a result, they were destroyed by their rivals. There is no doubt that these animals on planets with lesser gravitation solved, solve and will solve the problem of adaptation in the past, present and future. And their extinction occurs even earlier than on planets with considerable gravitation. But a human organism is capable to keep a gravitation which is much greater then that on the earth, the results of sport achievements being an evidence of this. The co-existence of dolphins and large sea animals says that the co-existence of man and giant organisms is possible.
Now let’s ask a question: why are organisms with blood system not present in patterns, which can be seen over frosted moisture? Most likely the answer is the following. Vegetation is a beginning and basis of any form of life. It is a matrix. Herbivores organisms are synthesized with participation of vegetation (from vegetation) to provide the optimum balance in the vegetative environment. And with herbivores organisms as a background, predatory organisms are synthesized to provide a balance in their environments. Man originated, with giant organisms as a background, to provide a balance in their environments. Intelligence is given to man in order to resist giant creatures. Frost reflects the matrix.
Here is an example. I have noticed the following. An apple was put on a window-sill in winter. Some time later, it started rotting, and flying insects appeared on it. Later on, a very thin cobweb appeared spontaneously among the insects. And some time later, a tiny spider came into being on this cobweb who started growing and strengthening its cobweb. This example makes it possible to note the following specific feature of life formation. A plant is primary. Flying organisms with circulatory system are formed (synthesized) at the spot of rotting plant, and more complex organisms are synthesized among flying organisms in a more complex sequence as compared with the primary organisms. Their mission is to provide biologic balance among insects. Thus, we can see a standard scenario of multiformity of life. Using it we can explain, for example, why domestic cats without any previous experience of mice hunting when seeing mice start to behave as if they have this previous experience. Apparently, the cats originated from mice in the same way as spiders did from flying insects. The same scenario is likely can explain formation of other species. Wolves and tigers – from antelopes, and the man from gigantic and the most fierce wild animals. But the man originated from animals not directly, but through an intermediate stage like spiders were formed. It possible that animals-satellites were formed at this stage which exist now” dogs, cats, horses. Thus, we can explain psychological difference between the dog and the wolf and faithfulness of the dog to the man. The formation of organisms with circulatory system in the nature depends also fro the natural conditions. For example, in Australia, its geographic originality affected the unique feature of its wild world (kangaroos, ostriches). Or originality of the Antarctic continent explains the unique kinds if animals, like penguins. But the basis of all the organisms with circulatory system is vegetation. It is proposed to call this learning as “The learning of the synthesis of feedback”.
The outline of life formation given above allows to speculate also about the difference between the nations. It is known from archeology that gigantic animals had their hierarchy. The higher stage of this hierarchy was for ichtiosaurus, they were gigantic amphibians which had better mental and capacity and vulnerability as compared with other animals. And so beings capable to natural selection should have even better mental and physical skill. In this way, nations with the most developed mental qualities and high physical standards came into being. Amphibians inhabited the seas side areas. And their counterbalance beings were formed and developed next to them. Less gigantic animals had lower mental and physical abilities, and organisms as their counterbalance were formed with lower mental and physical ability correspondingly. Living far from oceans and seas, some of them inhabited forest areas, some in deserts, some in mountains. Thus, we can find an explanation for forming nations with different ability for development. The same took place in the seas. Animals as counterbalance for gigantic sharks or amphibians were formed, and animals with lower mental and physical abilities originated as counterbalance for less gigantic organisms correspondingly. This is how dolphins, walruses and seals came into being.
Now there is a question: what is the procedure regulating the nature of a human being? More likely, it can be a microbe. And indeed, men are more sensitive to microbes as compared with lower animals. Microbiology says: by no means you should sit at meal with your hands unwashed. Also, it is strongly recommended not to eat stale foodstuff and drink non-boiled water as well as to go out in light dress on and to sleep inside the unheated room. All these factors could a reason of any disease. At the same time, stray dogs and wild animals eat and sleep in anti sanitation conditions and don’t get sick. Of course, veterinary also reports cases of disease in animals, but still their sensitivity to microbes is much less than in men. Another factor of the men’s high vulnerability to the wild nature is absence of hair side. The same can explain high sensitivity of the man to ecological disorders. For example, human beings are susceptible to AIDS while veterinary medicine have no reports of such cases.
Thus, it can be supposed that a microbe acts as a sanitation inspector for human beings in the biological system. Then we can present the following link: microbe-threshold of the living and the non-living, vegetation depending on microbes, grass eating animals regulating vegetation, predators regulating the life of grass eating animals. And microbes regulate predators including human beings.
Analyzing “The learning of the synthesis of feedback” in the view of “The standard algorithm of cosmic technology”, it can be said that “The standard algorithm of cosmic technology” makes it possible to stay away fro the learning of Darwin while not falling into the arms of theology. And “The learning of the synthesis of feedback” allows to stay steady on the basis of a new school with its special methodology. This learning also specifies it saying that the synthesis of life on the Earth is not a mere production of a photographic print from its negative, but is a complex system of organization with the same level of complexity as in oxidation-restoration reaction in chemistry and phagocytes in biology. And quantum feature of these processes is that they are on the level of the Universe like quantum mechanics is on the level of celestial mechanics.
Now let’s try to answer the following question: where does well-ordered variety of chemical elements arranged in the periodic table by D. Mendeleev come from? The answer is like this. The universe is the author of the life system. The universe is a modular system of systems (metagalactic, galactic, solar, planetary, molecular and electronic) functionality of which is guided by the rule: ”All or nothing”. Stability is a feature of functionality of all the systems of the universe (which contradicts to the current theory of “great explosion” and the pulsing model of the universe). The synthesis of life is the main aim of the universe. The synthesis of biologic system takes place in compliance with abstract identity of stability of functioning of the universe system. All processes in the universe are guided by laws and focused on the creation of life. One of the stages of life formation is a creation of a planet mass, which has gravitation. The initial chemical material of the planet mass is radioactive elements under the conditions of critical mass of which nuclear reaction occurs. Electrones form new elements when colliding at high speed in a boiler of chemical reaction in accordance with Einstein’ equation E=M/CІ, from which it follows M=ECІ. The formation of variety of chemical elements defines action of laws in the same way as the creation of vegetative patterns on frozen moisture surfaces. In this connection another question arises: where do radioactive elements in the universe come from? Most likely, it is the following. The universe synthesizes chemical elements from uranium under the conditions of gravitation, and the synthesis in the reverse order occurs under the conditions of enormous energy of cosmic rays and super dense and extremely rarified conditions of outer space in compliance with the law of conservation of energy and Einstein’s formula M=ECІ referred to. This is just the case of exception to the rules when both alchemy and the action of perpetum mobile are possible.
And if we try to answer the question what, after all, unites the Universe and biological organisms, it is possible to suppose the following. The property of outer space to synthesize chemical elements, and the property of biological organisms to synthesize blood, ferments, hormones, bioenergy, thinking, continuation of kind and matter (biological and organic) has the same nature. The property to synthesize is an algorithm of the Universe to change qualitatively and transform matter from the non-living into the living, and vice versa.
So, guided by the principle of economy of thinking and geometrical method in philosophy, it is noted that there is perpetum mobile of self-organization functioning in the universe, that’s why we can refer to time as a form of individual consciousness, which was noted by Berkley, Hum and Mach.
Providing a scientific basis for the proposed model of the synthesis of the eclectic philosophy, it should be noted that both a component of unity and a component of variability are inherent to the philosophy. The unity is in the presence of the main provisions of idealistic teaching (time is a form of individual consciousness, confirmation of the main idea of the teaching “from nothing – nothing will appear”) and materialistic one (space express the order of arrangement of simultaneously existing objects, the evolutional way of development). And the component of variability is that understanding of space and time acquires a qualitatively new view (space exists objectively, and time as a reflection in our consciousness), and evolution is interpreted much better (consecutive accumulation of the amount of life of initially programmed information of the DNA code from the universe of all the kinds of the biologic system). The increase of mutual penetration of polar doctrines facilitates the increase of the dialectics of the penetration of knowledge into the mysteries of nature. This promotes transition of quantitative knowledge into qualitative knowledge and back... Thus, the proposed model meets the laws of development: negation of negation; unity and conflict of opposites; transition of quantitative knowledge into qualitative and back.
The scientific novelty is that the proposed model reflects in one form the main provisions for solving the problem of the basic question of philosophy. Having absorbed the main provisions of idealism, materialism is presented in gnosiology in a qualitatively new aspect. The notions of deism and dualism are retired on a “pension”, and agnosticism and pantheism are included into gnosiology as materialistic doctrines.
Analyzing the above said, it is noted that it presents the philosophical categories of space and time and their relation to matter transparently to utmost. The universe is a self-organizing system of planetary systems, in which chemical elements pass from one condition to another under influence of the universe’s factors. Life on planets arises in compliance with the rule “All or nothing”, and stops in compliance to the same rule. One can’t say that the doctrines of idealists on primacy of the spiritual were erroneous because their guesses had it that some constructability preceded the creation of life. But, still, on the podium is MATERIALISM!!!
Generalizing the above said, it should be noted that life on the earth arose as a result of the existence of a standard project of the biologic system in the universe, which takes root into life when favorable conditions arise. In this system, man was initially synthesized by man in the same way as all the subjects of the given system in interconditionality and interdependence with one another. The scientific proof of the above said is vegetative patterns on frosted areas, which are adequate to live representatives in nature.
So, with more transparent understanding on the nature of an origin of life, there still another question arises: “Who (what) created the universe and its property of “extra psychic ability”? Maybe, the mankind doesn’t need to know it? Though one can’t exclude an opportunity that time will pass, and science will accumulate enough knowledge, and some day a positive answer –“Eurika!” - to this question will be found. Agnosticism is not cancelled!

Ist die Synthese der eklektischen Philosophie mцglich?

Im Laufe der Erkenntnis der Natur ist es historisch so gekommen, dass sich die Gesellschaftskunder in 2 gelehrten Gruppen eingeteilt haben – Idealisten und Materialisten. Aber die Analyse der Beweisungen der beiden Lehren zeugt davon, dass jede von ihnen die konstruktiven Kerne enthдlt. Da es keine zwei Wahrheiten gibt, so nimmt man einen Versuch vor, die neue Lahre zu synthesieren, indem man die Beweisungen schon existierender Lehren in Betracht zieht. Auf den Beispielen der Analyseergebnisse der Frostbilder entsteht die neue Lehre, die davon zeugt, dass das Leben auf der Erde entsprechend dem „Standardisierten Algoritmus der kosmischen Technologie“ wie typisch im Universum gebildet wurde. Daraus folgt, dass der Raum und die Materie zusammanverbunden sind und existieren, aber die Zeit existiert nur im BewuЯtsein der Menschheit. In dieser Interpritierung der Weltanschauung finden die beiden Lehren Berьhrungspunkte.

Das Problem der Weltanschauung und Rolle des Menschen in der Gesellschaft hat die Geschichte, seidem der Mensch begann abstrakt zu denken und sich der Lebenskultur anschloЯ. Seit der ganzen Geschichte entstanden verschiedene Lehre. Die Denker haben sich bei den Diskussionen in 2 ideologishen Gruppen eingeteilt – Idealisten und Materialisten, indem sie zu Gunsten ihrer Lehre verschiedene wissenschaftliche Beweisungen erhoben. Und es dauert mehr als 2.5 Jahrhundert. Und wissenschaftliche Beweisungen wurden so viel aufgespeichert, dass die Gelehrten begannen, eklektische Philosophie zu unterrichten. Aber, die eklektische Philosophie ist Unbestimmtheit, deren Sinn amorph ist. Und ihr Wesen kann dialektischen Protest der menschlichen Vernunft hervorrufen. Daraus folgt, dass die Synthese der eklektischen Philosophie nцtig ist, deren Fraktion methodologische Rolle in der Vervollkommnung der gesellschaftlichen Organisation spielen kцnnte. Mehrere Gelehrte versuchten, diese innige Fraktion zu erreichen und sich den Sternen der Ehre in der Wissenschaft anzuschlieЯen. Versuchen wir das noch Mal zu machen. Wir haben die letzten Errungenschaften der modernen Wissenschaft auf dem Paar Pegasen des Idealismus und Materialismus in einem Gespann. „Aber die Tote, auf Parnas fьr die Sternen!!!“

Die Analyse der letzten Errungenschaften der Wissenschaft stellt die Gelehrten ins Befremden, wo eine Frage entsteht: wenn die Natur so erfinderisch ist, dass ein menschliches Gehirn ihre Schцpfung nicht verstehen kann, so bedeutet es, dass die Natur klьger als ein Mensch ist? Beispiele. Die Gelehrten kцnnen das Erscheinen der lebendigen Zellen nach der Gestalt und der Дhnlichkeit des Entstehens der neuen Zellen der Bioorganismen unter Mitwirkung der Ribonuklesдure aus Nukleotiden der Desoxyribonukleinsдure nicht verstehen und modellieren. Ein anderes Beispiel. Die Gelehrten kцnnen das Erscheinen des Krochmals nach der Gestalt und der Дhnlichkeit der Fotosynthese der Pflanzen (durch das Sonnenlicht) nicht modellieren. Die Gelehrten kцnnen nicht verstehen, wie sich nдhmlich die geordnete Vielfalt der chemischen Elemente in der Natur vollzogen hat und die sehr einfach der Systematisierung in die periodische Tabelle von D. Mendjeljejev nachgegeben haben? In diesem Zusammenhang lдsst man sich denken: kцnnen die Materialisten sehr ortodox sein? Das erlaubt, noch einen Versuch nach dem Beispiel von E. Kant vorzunehmen, die Lehre des Idealismus und Materialismus auszugleichen, d.h. die Synthese der eklektischen Philosophie durchzufьhren.
Nach der kritischen Analyse der existierenden Lehren wird vor allem die Feststellung der konstruktiven Kernen in jedem von ihnen bezeichnet. Und die sind. In der idealistischen Lehre kann man damit einverstanden sein, wie die Idealisten behaupten „aus Nichts entsteht nichts“. Aber es ist richtig, dass die existierende Natur: Mikroben wie „die Grenze“ der Lebewesen und Unlebewesen; Zellenorganismen; pflanzliche Wasser – und Bodenorganismen; lebendgebдrende Wasser-, Flug-, und Bodenorganismen; und endlich Lebewesen mit den entwickelten hцheren psychischen Funktionen, unter denen ein Mensch zu Lande, Delphin zu Wasser die hцhere Hierarchie belegen; - in der schweren Form verbunden und verursacht sind. Die Struktur der Biochemie, der Entstehung und der Selbsteuerung der Organismen ist so schwer, dass das menschliche Gehirn es nicht verstehen kann. Darьber hinaus hat das Leben auf der Erde die unmittelbare Verbindung mit allen Gesetzen und chemischen Elementen der Natur und ist mit den atmosphдren Prozessen und Prozessen des Erdsatelliten des ganzen Sonnensystems verbunden. So entsteht in diesem Zusammenhang logisch eine Frage: „Wenn alles aus Nichts entsteht (wie die ortodoksallen Materialisten behaupten), so bedeutet das, dass dieses einfache „Nichts“ irgenwelches Erfahren hat, um alles das zu modellieren?“ So kцnnen die Philosophen-Idealisten etwas recht haben, dass sie behaupten: „Ideen“ Platon, „Logos“ Geraklit, „Gehirn“ Berkli, „allgemeine Substantion“ Spinosa, „Monaden“ Lejbniz, „Unlцsbarkeit der AuЯenwelt“ Jum, „apriorische“ Formen des sinnlichen BewuЯtseins und „Ding in sich“ Kat; „immanentische Kraft“ Morgan, „absoluter Geist“ Hegel, Verneinung der Ursachlichkeit, Notwendigkeit, Substantionen wie im „Erfahren“ Mach, „embryonalen Systems“ und „prinzipieller Koordinierung“ Avenarius, „Streben nach der Festigkeit“ Petzold, „Theorie der Hieroglyphe“ Plechanov, „Empirimonismus“ Bogdanov, „Empirisymbolismus“ Juschkewych, „Agnostizismus“ Heksli. Dasselbe kann man auch ьber die Nachfolger der Lehre des Solipsismus, Relativismus, Lamarkismus und endlich der immanetischen Schule und Theorie der emerdzhentischen Evolution sagen. Aber es sei auch betont, dass ihre Philosophie auf die biblische Weltanschauung hinauslдuft, wo die Richtigkeit des Urteils der Idealisten anerkannt wird. Aber die biblische Weltanschauung wird durch die Reihe der wissenschaftlichen Beweisungen widerlegt, z.B. die archiologischen Ausgrabungen, die zu Gunsten der materialistischen Evolution zeugen. Beispiel. Laut der Genesis waren die ersten Menschen die Riesen und Hochbetagten bis 800 Jahre alt. Die Ausgrabungen zeugen davon, dass vor 2mln. Jahren Australopitek und spдter Synatrop und Pytekantrop bis 1m 10sm groЯ waren und die Analyse ihrer Knochen zeugt von ihrem Alter bis 30 Jahre. Die Bibel hat zweifellos ein Element der Wissenschaftlichkeit, eines von denen 6 von 10 Geboten des moralischen Kodexes ist, der vom Gott Moisej „Tote nicht“, „Stehle nicht“, „Zeuge falsch nicht“, „Respektiere seine Eltern“ und „Wьnsche nicht, was der Nдchste hat“, die allgemeinmennschlichen Normen sind und wie intuitive Widerspiegelung der Geschцpfe mit hцheren psychischen Funktionen erarbeitet sind. Aber theologisches Paradigma d. h. theologische Dialektik kann nicht das wissenschaftliche Szenario der Bildung und Entwicklung des Lebens sein.
Deshalb besteht der Nachteil der idealistischen Lehre offenbar nicht darin, dass ihre Beweisungen nicht bestдtigt sind, sondern darin, dass die idealistische Lehre kein Paradigma ohne Transzendentalismus hat.
In der materialistischen Lehre kann man damit einverstanden sein, dass die Entwicklung des Lebens folgerichtig von dem Einfachen bis zum Schweren vorgestellt ist. Nach dem Beginn der Synthese der Zelle, wдhrend des Blitzes unter Kieselerdebedingungen bei der Teilnahme – die Mutationen durch der Erblichkeit, Verдnderung und natьrlicher Auslese ist die Evolution entsprechend der Dialektik der Entwicklungslogik zusammengesetzt, in der sowohl die Komponente der Einheit als auch die Komponente der Verдnderlichkeit beobachtet sind, und der Beginn der Soziogynes ist damit erklдrt, dass „die hochentwickelte Art der menschenahnlichen Affen“ begann sich von der „Hilfe der Handen“ und „Messer ist in der Hand“, und „der Hand ist frei“ zu entwohnen. Dann war die von Engels angegebene These von den Gelehrten erarbeitet und die anderen Hypothesen der Antroposoziohynese entstehen wie ein Ergebniss der tektonischen ProzeЯe, Inversion der Erde, erhцhte Radiation, besondere Affenart und sogar Einfuhr der AuЯerirdischen. Nach ihrer Analyse kann man sagen, dass die Hypothesen der tek

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